Brexit citizen right negotiations – Round 3

Significant progress was made during the latest third round of Brexit negotiations on citizen rights, held at the end of August, between the British and EU27 teams with both sides agreeing, from the Withdrawal date onwards, to:

  • Protect reciprocal frontier worker rights.
  • Reciprocally recognise the aggregation of social security contributions made before and after exit.
  • Protect existing healthcare rights and arrangements for EU27 citizens in the UK and UK nationals in EU through the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) arrangements.
  • Protect the health care arrangements of British pensioners in the EU both where they live and – when they travel to another member state – to be able to use an EHIC. For example, a British pension resident in Italy will be able to get free or low-cost healthcare when holidaying in France as is the case now with an EHIC.
  • Guarantee the reciprocal right to the lifetime export of uprated pensions.
  • Secure the economic rights of both British citizens in the EU27 and EU27 citizens in the UK to set up and manage a business within their member state of residence.
  • Mutually recognise qualifications with progress in protecting the recognition of qualifications for British citizens resident in EU27 and EU27 citizens in the UK.

Further discussions were also held on the governance of the citizens’ rights agreement.

For a more detailed updated analysis see the “Joint technical note on the comparison of EU-UK positions on citizens’ rights” published on the Gov.UK website:

If you are interested in finding out more about how your residential status in Italy relates to your financial planning needs please feel free to contact us on the following link:

  1. Peter Rigby

    September 15 2017 at 6:37 am

    Dear Mr Stewart
    One area that I do not see covered is for those UK citizens who have moved around recently in different EU countries. My own itinerary has been 15 years in France, 15 years in Belgium, 3 years in Italy and since September 2015 Malta. I still maintain my apartment in Italy and I own property in Malta). So in reality I have lived more in various E.U. countries other than the U.K. (Actually precluding me from even the right to vote in the referendum !).

    As a safeguard I was considering applying for Belgian citizenship, but have been told that that will not be possible in spite of my period in Begium.

    Would you or any of your colleagues have any suggestions ?

    Yours sincerely

    Peter Rigby

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