This festive season, Unity Financial Partners, administrator of the website and Facebook group are supporting and promoting the life-saving work of Associazione KIM ONLUS, an Italian registered charity providing emergency shelter, protection and treatment to children from around the world who are seriously ill with a treatable disease and urgently need care.

Please take a few minutes to learn more about Associazione Kim – The Italian Non Profit that helps sick children from around the world.

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A detailed explanation of how income tax relief works for Italian residents is at the foot of this article together with details on how you can get involved.

ASSOCIAZIONE KIM ONLUS – The Universal Right to Care for Children

Associazione KIM was founded more than 20 years ago by a small group of friends who, after an experience in Albania, devastated by civil war, decided to do something for the weakest links in a long chain of injustices: Sick Children.

Since 1997, Associazione KIM has been providing shelter, protection and treatment, free of charge to Italian or foreign children who are seriously ill, living in conditions of economic and social hardship, often coming from countries at war or from countries without adequate healthcare facilities. Associazione KIM follows the child, accompanied by the mother during the whole process beginning with the request for help to legally enter Italy, if a foreigner and making contact with hospitals and hosts supporting the family nucleus at The Bellincampi Center in Rome, Casa Di KIM.

Over 500 sick children so far have been assisted by the main paediatric hospitals in Rome and hosted for as long as necessary at Casa di KIM. Behind these numbers are the lives of children and their families, the stories of those who, marked by serious but treatable diseases, would have been cut off from health care and would not have made it.

Since its inception in 1997,  Associazione KIM has evoked the name and brand of the protagonist of one of the most famous novels by Rudyard Kipling, capable of taking his life in hand beyond any difficulty, thanks to his courage and the solidarity of many friends.

Most recently, so as to continue receiving the solidarity of a wider public, dialogue with entities and institutions and the social responsibility of the business world, Associazione KIM has published the latest Mission Report and launched its new logo; A blue rectangle accompanied by the claim “for the right to care for sick children”.

“We chose to challenge the flag in defense of sick children in 1997 – said the Associazione – and with our new brand we hope to conquer new outposts of the universal right to care. It is the banner of an ethical principle to defend, the missing piece in the construction of a solidarity society, our window wide open on the blue of a more just world “.

Even in the midst of the pandemic, the reception facility has never stopped, but many cases now remain pending and today it is essential to expand the number of supporters and donors to increase our collective capacity for action. “There is a need to change things, to stir the consciences of those who pretend not to see and know, to systematize means and tools to protect the rights of children, not only on paper” – warns the president of  Associazione KIM, Paolo Cespa. Today  Associazione KIM is even more ready to speak out and give a voice to those who have none.

”Everyone’s solidarity is needed to build, brick by brick, a world capable of responding to the request for help from little sick children and their families.”

Friends of Associazione KIM

Many entities regularly collaborate with Associazione KIM, hospitals and institutions, international organizations and NGOs, foundations, associations, companies, as well as many friends, artists and professionals.

By virtue of its long-standing experience and strong belief in the effectiveness of networking, Associazione KIM took an active role in the creation of the  Guariamoli network and the PIPIDA Coordination Forum for the rights of the Child.

Associazione KIM is a voluntary association and is enrolled in the National Registry of non-profit organisations (Onlus).

Currently, about 70 people devote their time, love and effort to help mothers and children. Engaged in numerous activities, selected together with Associazione KIM team on the basis of personal inclinations and time availability, they are an essential resource in every area.

Here are video testimonials from the doctors

Dr. Annamaria Pacelli – Voluntary paediatrician for ​​Associazione KIM

“I come to the Association when someone is unwell, but in reality, I am here almost every day because there is a need to follow the children in everyday life. I represent the family doctor figure for the guests of the Centre and, when necessary, I can also assist the mothers. And then, together with the coordinator of the Centre, I maintain contact with the hospitals, with the medical representatives of the various departments to which the children are entrusted. I wish Kim to grow more and more in this moment of “historical” difficulty, in which too often we hear that Italians come first. I hope – instead – those sick children from all over the world come first! “

Dr. Domenico Ritano – Plastic surgeon, Head of Home Medicine and President of the All for One Association

I have been collaborating with the KIM Association for many years. I met Paolo Cespa when it was necessary to intervene for a burned child and from there our collaboration was born. KIM is an Association that deserves a lot of respect: I am very very proud to be able to lend my hand and my mind, together with my collaborators and all the staff of my studio, for the good of these children. On one hand, I would no longer like to collaborate for a simple reason: because I would like there to be no more need for surgical treatments for any child. But this, unfortunately, is not possible… and, then, on the other hand, I am very happy to think about a future of collaboration, even very far away, as long as I have the strength!



Donations made to ONLUS (Organizzazioni non lucrative di utilita sociale) established in accordance with legislative decree no. 460/97;


In relation to the payments made by individuals, from the taxation point of view, they have two options:

1) DEDUCTION FROM THE TAXABLE BASE (“DEDUZIONE DALLA BASE IMPONIBILE”): Ref .: art. 83 of Legislative Decree 117/2017 second paragraph, donations from individuals in favor of an ONLUS are deductible (from the taxable base) up to 10% of the total income (if the total income is € 100,000, a maximum of € 10,000 can be deducted), if necessary, the excess part, not deducted, can be deducted in subsequent years, no more than four.

2) DEDUCTION FROM GROSS TAX (IRPEF) (“DETRAZIONE DALL’IMPOSTA LORDA”)Ref .: art. 83 of Legislative Decree 117/2017 first paragraph, a donation from individuals for an amount not exceeding € 30,000 in favor of an ONLUS allow a gross tax deduction equal to 30% of the donation made (example- if the donation is € 30,000.00 then € 9,000.00 can be deducted from the gross tax (IRPEF)

N.B. The two choices above are alternatives (you can choose one or the other, not both or either); In principle, the choice between the two alternatives ( 1 or 2 above ) depends on the level of the donor’s income. For income exceeding 29 thousand euros (not taking into account the type of income and many other variables) it is preferable to apply option 1. In order to be able to take the above tax advantages, the payments must be made in a traceable manner (bank transfer, bank check, cashier’s check).


-TAX BENEFITS FOR COMPANIES Ref .: art. 83 of Legislative Decree 117/2017 second paragraph,  donations carried out by companies and entities subject to corporate tax (IRES) in favor of ONLUS are deductible ( from the taxable base) up to 10% of the total income (e.g. if the total income is € 100,000 then € 10,000 can be deducted). The excess part can be deducted in subsequent years, no more than four

(The above is not to be construed as tax advice and is for general guidance only)



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