If you had car insurance before coming to Italy and have not made claims for a number of years you will quite rightly be expecting this to be taken into account when you take out a new Italian policy.

However, taking out car insurance in Italy can be very problematic since, as an expat now resident in Italy, more often than not, it is complicated to have your foreign no claim record accepted.

Car insurance is therefore frequently considerably more expensive than necessary with many domestic car insurance companies and/or international insurance companies operating in Italy unable or unwilling to recognise a no claims record built up in your home country.

Online car insurance quotes in Italy will almost invariably be unable to recognise your previous track record when making a quote.

Furthermore, speaking to local car insurance agents directly can also be hard work given the poor quality of spoken English and the amount of paperwork required.

Many expat car owners in Italy therefore end up paying insurance premiums based on a maximum CU rating of 14 (for experienced drivers) even when boasting a clean no claims record carried forward from the UK or another foreign country.

Remember also that if your first Italian car insurance policy has started out with a CU rating of 14 then you are potentially liable to pay annually higher premiums than necessary for as long as 14 years. This is the case even if you maintain a clean no claims track record over this period until your CU tapers down finally to zero!

At Unity Financial Partners, we can help you obtain recognition of the last 5 years of your previous no claims record if documented by your previous car insurance policy. This can be done whether your previous policy was issued in English or another language.

Furthermore, we will be able to speak to you in English and streamline the paperwork required.

If you can demonstrate a no claims history of 5 years we can award you an initial CU rating of 9 which will save you a significant amount of money for the rest of your stay in Italy.

Usually, an initial CU rating of 9 is the lowest you can be awarded in Italy even if you have a no claims track record stretching back more than 5 years.

Some of you may already be holding an Italian car insurance policy with a higher CU than necessary given your track record. If so, we can help you transfer to a policy with a lower CU and therefore pay lower premiums in future.

This situation is common to those who previously bought insurance policies from international providers operating in Italy, who for many years did not take into account your no claims track record.

If this is the case, you do not have to wait until your current policy expires before applying for a new quote from us. It is also possible to take out a new policy in advance of the expiry of your current policy.

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